During hot summer weather, heat stress results in decreased milk production and conception rates of lactating dairy cows. By maintaining optimal rumen function, Tasco® helps dairy cows cope with heat stress and, in turn supports milk production and reproduction functions. As an all-natural nutritional ingredient Tasco® helps maintain optimal rumen function. Tasco® supports gastrointestinal (GI) tract function vital to optimal growth and well-being of dairy cattle. A healthy GI tract supports a strong immune system. Beyond supporting the immune system, Tasco® may lead to other benefits such as maintaining feed intake during heat stress, improving organic digestibility and body condition scores. Tasco® also improves cow comfort.

Tasco® can be incorporated into all dairy cow feeding formulations. There are specific times when Tasco® may support greater GI tract health, including:

  • Heifers, for overall health and muscular development
  • Lactating cows, to maintain conception rates and milk production in the summer months

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Our Customers

“The cows never even noticed the change in their feed. When it starts to get hot in June, my cows normally head for the shade or the ponds. This year they continued to graze. In fact, even though July has been over 100 degrees with high humidity, they still have not headed for the ponds. Since the cows have stayed cooler, my milk production has stayed consistent and has not gone down. Normally, I lose milk production in the summer heat.”

– Dairy Producer, Southwest Missouri

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