About Tasco®

Tasco®, derived exclusively from Ascophyllum nodosum, is an excellent source of prebiotic fibers and other beneficial bioactive compounds that are unique to this marine plant and are not commonly found in other sources of prebiotics. The prebiotic effects act to support gastrointestinal health in a variety of ways.

Tasco® helps maintain healthy gut flora that supports GI tract function vital to the optimal growth and well-being of animals. The prebiotic properties of Tasco® work in all species of animals and can be employed in a wide variety of feeding programs including production animals, pets and equine. With a low inclusion rate, long, stable shelf life, and easy incorporation into any commercial feed application, Tasco® is an economical solution that promotes the growth of healthy, productive animals.


Tasco® offers pet food and commercial feed manufacturers an innovative, all-natural, effective prebiotic that contributes to overall animal well-being. Tasco® also offers an organicsustainable and natural solution that consumers embrace.

Please visit Acadian Seaplants to learn more about the company that manufactures Tasco®.