Producers are facing production challenges including weight gain, carcass and meat quality, conception rates and milk production. By minimizing risks, producers can improve productivity and profitability of livestock operations.

As a prebiotic, Tasco® is the preferred choice in premium commercial feed formulations. Derived exclusively from Ascophyllum nodosum marine plants, Tasco® supports immune function and helps production animals cope with various environmental stresses such as transport and heat while maintaining feed intake. Tasco® is a premium, natural ingredient that contributes to animal health and wellness at all life stages.

Tasco® is well-suited for a variety of livestock formulations including BEEFDAIRYSWINE and POULTRY. With its low inclusion rate, long, stable shelf life, and easy incorporation into any commercial feed application, Tasco® is an economical solution that supports the growth of healthy, productive animals.

Our Customers

“The cows never even noticed the change in their feed. When it starts to get hot in June, my cows normally head for the shade or the ponds. This year they continued to graze. In fact, even though July has been over 100 degrees with high humidity, they still have not headed for the ponds. Since the cows have stayed cooler, my milk production has stayed consistent and has not gone down. Normally, I lose milk production in the summer heat.”

– Dairy Producer, Southwest Missouri