Sustainable Resource


We are dedicated to providing you with greater economic value for less environmental burden, and have been recognized for our commitment to sustainability with an Environmental Excellence Award. Our products are eco-efficient, eco-friendly and we are committed to energy efficiency and waste reduction at all stages of manufacturing. Carbon baseline tests indicate that our proprietary drying and manufacturing processes prevents 5,564 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere every year, based on ISO 14064 standards and guidelines.


The commercial harvest of Ascophyllum nodosum is one of the most extensively-studied and scientifically-managed marine resource industries in the world. In addition to practical experience and knowledge acquired over the last century, the ecological impact and sustainability of harvesting seaweeds, have been formally researched and evaluated by respected scientists and organizations around the world, including the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.

No other marine resource activity in North America has been as exhaustively assessed for its environmental sustainability as the harvest of Ascophyllum nodosum. The seaweed resource fully recovers every year and in some zones the growth of the seaweed has actually improved when compared to historical growth.

We employ a team of experienced seaweed resource managers as well as Marine Biologists to apply exacting and comprehensive marine plant management procedures and controls over all of our harvesting territories.