Intensive production challenges and environmental conditions can create an imbalance in a bird’s intestinal microflora. Maintaining stability of the intestinal mircobiota is important in preserving intestinal integrity, bird performance and health at all life stages. As an all-natural prebiotic, Tasco® helps maintain healthy gut flora that supports gastrointestinal (GI) tract function vital to the optimal growth and well-being of birds. Beyond supporting the immune system, Tasco® leads to other benefits in poultry production such as helping birds cope with stresses (heat and transport), to support growth performance and feed utilization.

Tasco® is beneficial for all types of birds and can be incorporated into all feeding formulations. There are specific times in poultry production when Tasco® may provide greater support to GI tract health, including:

  • Starter chicks with developing immune systems
  • Birds under stresses (heat, transport)
  • Wet litter situations

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