Tasco® helps cow-calf pairs cope with heat stress, lowering core body temperature and respiration rates. As an all-natural nutritional ingredient, Tasco® helps maintain healthy gut flora that supports gastrointestinal (GI) tract function vital to optimal growth and well-being of cow-calf pairs. A healthy GI tract supports a strong immune system. As a result, cattle spend less time in ponds and more time grazing. Beyond supporting the immune system, Tasco® leads to other benefits such as supporting conception rates in summer heat and fescue areas, maintaining organic matter digestibility. Cattle also appear vigorous and have a healthy hair coat.

Tasco® can be incorporated into all cow-calf pairs feeding formulations. There are specific times when Tasco® may provide greater support to GI tract health, including:

  • Calves with developing immune systems
  • During extreme winter or summer temperatures
  • During weaning and transport
  • Pregnant cows
  • Cattle grazing on infected fescue.


Our Customers

“I used Tasco® in my feedlot finishing diets this summer. I didn’t use sprinklers even one day to cool my cattle. My cattle didn’t pant or show other signs of heat stress. The cattle ate and gained great. None of the cattle had to be treated for foot rot or any other illness.”

– Bobby Bruffey, Cattle Feeder, Southwest Missouri

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